As well as the meat that will end up on the plate, Benno’s is able to offer complimentary services to get the most out of your

Spit Hire

Available for hire 7 days a week. Free Delivery Barwon Heads & Ocean Grove. Our spits measure 1.5m in length and can comfortably cater for groups of up to 100 people. Spit hire can include, Spit, Gas, Meat, Vegetables. Speak to us to discuss your needs.

In-House Roasting Service

Don’t feel like cooking? Pressed for time? We also offer an ‘in-house’ roasting service and bring the cooked meats to you if you don’t want to cook. This service is available seasonally so please contact us to check availability.

Pre-packed Roasts

Save the prep time and simply pop into the oven with one of our pre-packaged roast packs including meat and vegetables. Seasoned and marinated roast packs available

Camping & Travelling Packs

If you are heading off into the bush or the beach we can provide you with a cryovac pack for your steaks, chops, sausages & burgers. By keeping air out, your meat will last longer than simply putting it in your water filled esky.


Thinly sliced lamb or chicken marinated for minimum of two days which is then secured onto your spit.

Cooking tips & Advice

Unsure how to cook something? Cant get the crackle on your pork roast to crackle? We are able to offer advice on how to prepare and cook all cuts of meat. View our meat tips

Knife Sharpening

Blunt knives can be more dangerous than knives that are kept sharp – not to mention highly frustrating! Drop your knives off with us and we will get the edge back on them